Stephan Winkelmann Presents recent version from Sant’Agata – Asterion LPI Lamborghini 910-4

Stephan Winkelmann

During the evening before the launching of the Paris Motor Show Motor 2014 Stephan Winkelmann Presented the newest version from Sant’Agata – Asterion LPI Lamborghini 910-4 to the entire world. The automobile is Significantly different from preceding Lambo when it comes to driving and visuals.

This is the first in the history of the brand version with a hybrid engine. Body features V10 engine with A capacity of 5.2 liters, which has the power equal to 610 horses. Centrally located engine drives the Back wheels via a seven-double-clutch gearbox. Next to the gear electric brush motor was mounted. Under the front hood another two are hidden. All these are accountable for driving the front wheels.

Electrical set generates a total capacity of approx. 300 horses, and gather energy in lithium-ion batteries housed in the middle of the tunnel. It is worth to remember that Lamborghini has started out as a business that made equipment (various vehicles) For farmers. It is also worth to know that farmers do so, and I had bet that theirs Company consists mainly of sales from the farm equipment. Their history goes back to 1963, when Farmers started to 1974 for the company’s farmer counterpart and made the super cars.

They’re Possessed by Audi, which is then possessed by since 2008, but it didn’t affect their sales that much. The Gallardo, farmers’ selling versions, and Aventador continue to be among the most desired super
Autos, along with appropriate versions from Porsche and Ferrari, which, nevertheless, fell their level Lately. I believe that going through with the electricity as a section of the automobile ‘s power is a great step into the Future with air and without too much of carbon oxide as clean as back in the age of our ancestors. If You’re interested in similar models, feel free to check out McLaren P1 or some Used Cars in Kenner, depending, unfortunately, on your budget.