Ways To Improve Your Hemoglobin Value

Feb 10 2018

Ways To Improve Your Hemoglobin Value

Our body needs a lot of healthy eating and drinking. Exercising can never be fruitful unless one has a healthy diet routine. Out of all the essential elements, Iron is one of the most important ones. Our body needs iron content for a lot of reasons. Health Reporter Daily says that due to iron deficiency a person can face problems like fatigue, hair loss, and headaches. According to https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/metabolism-boosting-foods#section2, the iron requirement differs for people in different age group. For instance, men above the age of 19 years need at least 8mg iron daily. On the other hand, women aged between 19 to 50 years of age need up to 18mg iron daily.
If a person consumes any amount less than the amount that is mentioned earlier, it can lead to a condition of iron deficiency in the body. Low hemoglobin is the most severe condition that arises due to iron deficiency. This count can affect a person’s health condition in many ways. To avoid any harsh health conditions start taking iron rich food right from today. Vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, and Beetroot can actively increase your iron level.

Remember the cartoon character Popeye who used to consume a can of spinach and get his muscles back? Well, it was indeed a fact that you should have understood in your childhood days. Spinach is full of iron content, and you must keep it as a staple part of your diet. It can significantly affect your body’s iron content. Every 100gm of spinach contains 4mg iron in it. These days broccoli has become an essential ingredient in different types of salads due to its health-related properties. The reason is simple; it is very rich in iron content. Every 100gm of broccoli consists of around 0.8mg of iron content. It can work wonders to increase the iron content in your bloodstream.
Doctors often advise people to eat the water leftover after boiling the beetroot in it for some time as it is helpful in improving the blood hemoglobin level. It is an easy to find and low-cost veggie. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C as well. Beetroot can also be included as a part of your staple diet every day. Include some pieces of beetroot in your salad and eat it before the meal.

Among fruits, the highest iron content is found in Watermelon. It is a tasty and juicy fruit that can be consumed either in the form of juice or one can eat it in pieces.
Watermelon stimulates the absorption of iron in the bloodstream, hence proves out to be a great fruit to improve your hemoglobin count. Apple is an all-time fruit as it keeps you healthy in many ways. A single medium-sized apple consists of around 0.31mg iron. Other fruits like Pomegranate and Strawberries too can work wonders. People who love eating meat must eat chicken breast, ground beef, liver or any other red meat for iron. In the various kinds of seafood, clams, Indian salmon, prawns, and bangda are strong iron sources. Eat these food items in fixed quantity, and you will be able to improve your hemoglobin count without any worry.

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