What Is Overpronation And Underpronation In Running?


The shoes you wear during running turn the best runner to an average runner and it even causes even pains in foot and knee. Your foot is important when running for landing, and if you have any problem with the shock absorption, it will result in joint and muscle issues. The selection of the shoes matter when you overpronate or underpronate feet to avoid any injuries in futures and enhances your running speed.
You must buy the right shoe and to decrease the injuries because running in the shoes that are not fit for you and you are high prone to injuries in future.
What is overpronation? When you are landing the surface after running, you release a majority of the weight into your feet’s insides and your ankle pointed out because of it. This is called overpronation. In underpronation or supination type, you land with most of your weight outside your feet, and this makes your foot rolls out or ankles in. Some people have the right foot and land neutrally, and it is safe for their health.
runnning shoeIf you are overpronator you will have flatter arch and underpronator then your arch is higher. You must land your foot evenly distributed when landing to have the normal pronation and the right foot type.
You might face several disorders due to overpronation including knee problem, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and stress in your ankle.
If you have supination, then most of the time you will land with outside of the feet and it high risk because of the uneven distribution of weight and the problems associated in this type are Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome and plantar fasciitis.
In many stores, when buying the shoes, you can get the analysis of your foot for free. The workforce in the store examines your running and landing style. He or she will check for pronation if any. Wearing the right running shoe for overpronation or underpronation will rectify their pronation.

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