Why Should You Choose To Do Focus T25?

Sep 23 2016

t25-hero-newHow many of us can honestly say that our bodies are enjoying a clean bill of health right now? If the data presented by http://www.fitness.gov/resource-center/facts-and-statistics/ are to be believed people have become the victims of unhealthy lifestyle choices. The consumption of junk food and lack of physical activity have resulted in a generation of unhealthy people suffering from a range of medical problems like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer. Even psychological problems like depression and mood swings affect more people now than it did a few decades ago.

But what if they were given the means to change all that? What if they were told that by just spending less than half an hour in a day, they could rejuvenate their lives by being fit and in shape? Just try searching for the term t25, and become amazed at the success stories being told, shown and proven all around the world. Focus T25 is a wonderful and amazing result-proven workout series being distributed worldwide in the form of DVDs.

A highly acclaimed exercise series, Focus T25 is the creation of a master of intensive physical training named Shaun T. This amazing motivator is the fitness trainer who takes on the challenge to produce a healthier, toned and stronger body for all those who undergo his 25 minute-a-day programs. Throughout the program Shaun will keep saying “You Need to Focus”, thereby providing a complete feeling of motivation and energy.

His highly intensive cardiovascular fitness regimen takes a person’s 25 minutes and transforms it into a heart-pounding, fat-burning session and that too with hardly any exercise equipment, other than a pair of dumbbells or its alternative, a 15lb B-Lines resistance band that comes with the pack. This 25 minutes excruciatingly demanding workout routine spans a course of 10 weeks or 70 days. It features a 5 days a week program, including double workouts on Fridays, with a break on Saturdays. Sundays are reserved as the day to do the stretching exercises.

Focus T25 is divided into two phases. If you thought the first phase was tough, think again. The first phase actually only preps you for the highly grueling second phase. There is no difference in the time-duration of the workouts in both the phases, named Alpha and Beta.

The main advantage of the Focus T25 program is its inclusions of simplified and modified versions of each and every exercise routine. This makes it ideal for those who are just starting to accept fitness programs as a part of their lives or those who do not want to over-stress themselves. So instead of abandoning a move, you can actually reduce the intensity by a few degrees.

In addition to all this, Focus T25 also lays emphasis on learning about the kind of food you have to eat to get a balanced diet. Hence, it includes a food guide, containing some really good healthy and tasty recipes.

All-in-all, the Focus T25 is an amazing workout video series that must be tried by all those wishing to shed those extra pounds and lead healthier lives.


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